“Becky did a GREAT job at our childcare conference. Her ability to captivate the audience was amazing, considering everyone had put in a full day of learning. Our teachers were blessed to have the opportunity to hear such a powerful and uplifting message to take with them to their homes, their jobs and the people they come in contact with. “

   Laura Grave
   FCS Agent
   Texas A & M AgriLife
   Paris, Texas

  "Words could never really cover how much Becky Carpenter inspired our Together We Can Make a Difference Support Groups. She spoke on two separate occasions to address the Mt. Pleasant Group and the Paris Group.  Her talk on Surviving the Storms of Life was masterfully related to our patients who are in various stages of their journey with cancer. 

I sincerely appreciated her transparency and how she shared everything to give the listener a complete witness of what God has done and continues to do in her life. She revealed a path to follow through the storm that leads to a greater love for the Lord, deeper acceptance of His plan and the courage to continue to focus on Him no matter how dark the circumstance may be. 

Sometimes it is difficult to see a way out of the turmoil that surrounds the twists that life can bring. Becky shared the good news that is available to every one of us and she gave us the reality of what it took for her how to walk through. She shared each of her steps in an outstanding presentation that touched all of us very deeply and gave us an experience we will all remember.  We will never forget Skylar. We will never forget Becky.  We will never forget her testimony. We will never forget to fully live and love in the present time. I am so grateful for One Day Closer Ministries. 

I am forever thankful to Becky for sharing her time and divine testimony with us. Becky is the most Inspiring and motivating speaker I have ever had the opportunity to hear and I hope that her message of hope and trust in the Lord will continue to be heard to bless and encourage many others.  

My only question is… How beautiful are Becky’s feet? (Romans 10:14-15)   "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!"

I believe her feet are more beautiful than any I will ever see in this life 😊"

Mary Hardin-McCarty
Cancer Support Groups
Paris – Mt. Pleasant – Greenville

"I have had the pleasure of hearing Becky give her testimony several times and each time I have felt inspired by not only her words, but her courage and complete faith in God leading her through this journey. She inspires me through the way that she views life in the everyday.... Cherishing, seeking, and growing closer to our Creator. She has a passion and a true gift of words that truly uplift and have a positive reflection of who God is.... No other words... She is a blessing to many and God is using her in a powerful way!" 

     Hollie Gregory
     Concord, North Carolina

"A good speaker will hold your attention and cause you to remember the main point.  A great speaker will do those things, but will change your life.  Becky Carpenter is a great speaker.  Her inspirational testimony will result in smiles, laughter, and tears.  Best of all, her story will make an impact on your life.  The Lord has gifted her to speak from her heart as a wife, mother, educator, and most of all-a disciple.  Her words will bless you and you will not forget her.  Becky's heart is as big as Texas and she is willing to share it with you."  
     Marylee Pound
     Indianapolis, Indiana

 "Becky Carpenter is a living, breathing, speaking testimony to the grace, love and peace of Christ.  She has a message for anyone who has ever lost a child…those who need hope and peace, but also direction in their lives. Each time I hear Becky share her message of loss, then submission, then forgiveness and love, my heart is filled with joy.  A strange emotion for such a tragedy.  But the joy is because here is a woman that God has called to ministry out of her grief; out of her loss, and she has heard the call and is responding. She is following  that call, not only to proclaim the glorious things He has done in her life, so others can share in that same peace, but because He has given her the ministry of fulfilling Skylar’s dream which is to  make a difference in the world! Becky’s story is her story and I won’t even attempt to share it, but my testimony to this woman’s life, is that God has a purpose for each one of us and out of suffering and loss great things can happen and lives can be changed.  We can make a difference. And Becky has allowed our Lord to take her to higher ground and He has pulled her up, out and onward. As Becky travels and shares her story and the message of One Day Closer Ministries the audiences are in tears as her testimony unfolds.  But then hope shines through when she reveals how she and her husband David want to keep the dream of Skylar alive. I have heard the story from their own lips at least three times and yet it never gets old and it never loses that power to change lives.  And it allows those in mourning to realize that the death of a loved one doesn’t have to be the end of hope and purpose, but it can be the beginning. The beginning of an opportunity to do great things, in honor and memory of the one who has gone before."
 Gretchen DeVoe
Co-Founder; Chief Ministries Officer
Lifeline Christian Mission (www.lifeline.org)
Westerville, Ohio
If you want to witness a life changing speaker, I have just the person for you.  Becky Carpenter will touch your heart in a way that can only come from our Great Lord above. I must tell you that the Gates will be full when this amazing woman gets to heaven to thank her for the impact that she has had on so many. As my high school teacher after a horrible year in my life, she taught me to build character in all that we do.  She encouraged us to respect others no matter what, and to always put our trust in God.  And today, she stands in front of a group of people encouraging them to do exactly the same as she shares her life changing story about her precious Skylar. Becky came to our MOPS (Mother of Preschooler) group to talk to us about what an ongoing relationship with God will do for you.  I always knew that there was something special about Becky.  She has a gift of speaking from her heart to reach others in a way that will change your life.  She is a true example of how Jesus wants us to live our lives.  Her perspective on life is directly through His eyes and will be evident in every story that she has to share about her walk of loosing a piece of her in a terrible tragedy.  She expresses how life is more than what we think it is.  Life is about keeping our eyes and ears open as God speaks to us.  It is about watching for our ‘God Winks’ so we know that He is right there with us guiding our way.  Life is so much more than our to-do list and crazy schedules.  Life is about reaching out and spreading God’s Word.  It is about loving the person next to you and telling them.  It is about being the ‘Living Bible.’ As you hear Becky’s testimony about Skylar’s death, you will feel the love and truth that God has waiting for you.   As you feel Becky’s pain, you will see God’s grace.  When you hear the events of the day, you will witness God’s promise.  When you listen to the suffering and heartache, you will then see how they began to heal and find peace.  She shares how it is only through HIM that she found the strength to carry on.  It was HIS grace that lifted her up.  It was HIS unconditional love that led her to the next day.  “We can do all things, through Christ who strengthens us.” Philippians 4:13 It was through Becky’s eyes that I saw GOD first.   I know that as you hear her story, you too will get a glimpse of what it means to know Jesus, to truly trust HIM, and to allow HIM to love you forever.  John 14:1 “Do not let your hearts be troubled.  Trust in God; trust also in me.” 
  Marnie Justiss, Elementary Educator
​ Aberdeen, Scotland

"... Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”  (Joshua 1:9)

​​​​One Day Closer Ministries . . .

"The Carpenter family has faced one of the most heartbreaking experiences any family could experience this side of eternity.  However, as they faced hardship and grief, a stalwart desire to focus on Christ emerged.  Becky and her family share their testimony with deep conviction and an even deeper love of a Sovereign God.  No matter what life has thrown their way, they have stood firm on the promise of Christ that we truly are “One Day Closer” to reuniting with Christ! You will laugh, you will cry, but most of all you will be changed by the testimony of brokenness and redemption this amazing family shares."

   Stephanie Ayala
   Lead Pastor’s Wife, Longview First Assembly
   Longview, Texas

"Becky is an exceptionally gifted speaker; very articulate, and confident in sharing hers (and Skylar's) testimony.  You can't help but fall in love with her... one moment you're laughing at the animated way she recounts an event with contagious humor and the next moment your eyes fill with tears of compassion for this mother's heart.  Her faith and her love for her family - and others is genuine.  Her fervor in sharing the gospel is unmatched.  It's not often one sees this caliber of a speaker that can relate to a group as if she's talking to a dear friend.  And it's all delivered with the most beautiful Texan accent that makes me smile!   :) "
     Shelby Baxter
     Loveland, Ohio

"BECKY CARPENTER—WHAT A GOOD DAY, THE DAY I MET MISS BECKY (with a group in the back of a pick-up truck in Haiti on the way to build a house for “my little Rebecca’s” family —she personified what I learned to be true: God plants such beautiful, genuine love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control in those that have suffered, mourned and rejoiced (even simultaneously!) IN HIS EVERLASTING ARMS AS THEIR ETERNAL REFUGE….Miss Becky, the downhome Texas ‘sister-to-so-many’ shows her heart in her face as she smiles and greets you. I asked her, “What is your story- everyone has a story”…”To hear mine, you must come tonight” she said with a deep, caring and yet teasing smile!  I could sit and listen for hours!!!! She has SO MUCH LOVE TO SHARE—SO MUCH DEEP CONCERN FOR THE WHOLE WORLD, ESPECIALLY TEENS—SHE (and David and Shelby) IS (are) TRULY CARRYING THE BATON THAT WAS PASSED TO HER BY HER DAUGHTER, SKYLAR WHEN SHE WENT TO DANCE WITH JESUS."

     Phyllis Van Es
     All Because of Christ @ My Father's Guest House
​     Port Au Prince, Haiti

"Becky Carpenter brings a message that exemplifies how God truly brings beauty out of the ashes of life.  She speaks encouragement to anyone who has suffered a great loss as well as to anyone who is trying to find their purpose in life.  She speaks confidently, boldly, and compassionately as one who has experienced a nightmare that no one should have to endure, and she points everyone back to Jesus as the author and perfecter of  every life(Hebrews 12:2).  She knows  firsthand that we, as believers, are the only Bible some people read and she endeavors to bring His word to those who need the hope that is only found in Jesus." 

     Shari Swanson
     Women's Ministry Director
     Beaverton Christian Church
     Beaverton, Oregon

"Becky spoke to our youth with great conviction!  Her testimony glorified God first and foremost, all while challenging the students to consider their future and what legacy they are leaving.  We could see into Becky's heart as she shared Skylar's story, a story of which impacted our students emotionally and spiritually!  Now months later, we still see our students wearing the "We Love Skylar-Jesus is our Lifeline" bracelets that she gave to them which says a lot for a teen.  To us, it communicates that Skylar's story resonated in their hearts, and every time they look at that bracelet they will be reminded to also 'Change the World, One person at a time'!   Becky engaged the students with questions and made the time together interactive as well as visual by using a slide show, helping the students retain a strong picture of Jesus's call on our lives!  We would welcome Becky again, as her testimony is relevant to all ages from youth to adult.  Her heart oozes Jesus's love, and that's what we wanted our students to experience as well.   It is evident that Skylar's impact on the world is still happening, even from heaven, through her family and friends who have been touched by her life and story!  We appreciate Becky's courage for being brave enough to step out in faith and share their family's story of tragedy, faith, hope, love, redemption, restoration, and expectation! Anyone who has suffered loss needs to hear Becky's testimony! Her story, conviction, and passion for those who are hurting will bring hope, peace, and restoration to all who hear.  Becky is proof that there is life after death!"

 Andre & Audra Norman
Family & Youth Ministry
​ Grinnell Christian Church
Grinnell, Iowa